CTC Services

Pre-Employment, Random, Post-Accident, & Reasonable Suspicion

Private Drug & Alcohol Testing

All results are submittable in any court of law. We can meet you at a set location to perform these services. Instant drug testing available. If the donor does not pass, the option is to send it to a certified lab pending confirmation. We use D.O.T. certified breath alcohol machines.

DNA/Paternity Testing

Simple mouth swab, a few pieces of legal info, and we have results typically within four business days. Submittable in any court of law. WHY KEEP WAITING 6 MONTHS?!

Onsite Business Testing

We come to YOU! How awesome is it to go through the hiring process and then you (as the employer) send your potential employee down the street for a drug test. What’s wrong with this? You’ve now lost your chain of custody – IT’S SO IMPORTANT! You will never know what that person did or didn’t do prior to that collection. We make it so easy for you. All you have to do is contact us and schedule a time. We will perform the test right at your business location. There’s nowhere to run! Results are instant, and if the candidate does not pass, the screen is sent to the lab for confirmation. This is GREAT when it comes to random drug testing. You don’t have to spend more time and money leaving your place of employment to take these employees to a clinic, where they know they can sit and get paid – NO MORE! We are here to help you.

At-Home Screening

Worried about yourself or a loved one? We can help.
Court-approved, safe, fast and confidential

It’s always a GREAT day when it’s a SAFE day!
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